Pet Care – Cat Fights

Question: My cat was recently involved in a fight with another. He came off second best with superficial scratches to his front legs, but nothing too bad.

We’re keeping his wounds clean but he won’t stop licking them. What should we do?

Answer: Cat fights are very common and often scratches may be the only wounds seen. However a fresh bite wound is very small and often missed.

These can easily become infected (as cat mouths are very dirty) and so any cat that has been in a fight should be treated by a vet to prevent an abscess forming.

Keeping the wounds clean with salty water is a good first aid measure and you certainly should try to stop him from licking the wounds, as this can also allow them to become infected – often the only way to do this is with an Elizabethan (or lampshade) collar.

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2 Responses to “Pet Care – Cat Fights”

  1. Salty water? Have you ever had salt get in a cut? Do you have any idea how much that HURTS? Try hydrogen peroxide.

  2. Hi Zen,

    Thanks for your visit and comment. Agreed Hydrogen Peroxide is a better choice, but then slightly salted water doesn’t hurt. Besides most people don’t keep Hydrogen Peroxide at home.