Chihuahua called Momo Becomes Japanese Police Dog

Momo the Chihuahua was one of 32 successful candidates out of 70 dogs and will now join the police in the Japanese prefecture of Nara.

Seeking out a person in five minutes after merely sniffing their cap, she passed her exams with flying colors.

The wispy-haired pooch will be instrumental in disaster rescue operations. In the case of earthquakes it is thought her tiny frame will fit through narrow passages with much more ease than a German Shepherd, which are the most common choice for police K-9 units.

‘Any breed of dog can be entered to become a police dog in the search and rescue division’, but a Nara police spokesperson added that the appointment was ‘quite unusual’.

This week saw dogs from around the globe get together to break the record for Most Dogs in Costumed Dress.

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5 Responses to “Chihuahua called Momo Becomes Japanese Police Dog”

  1. What a cutie. I can just see her wearing her little police cap.

  2. proud to be a police dog

  3. What a talented little guy. I luve to see little dogs get their due.

  4. Gambate Momochan!

  5. Oh My Gosh SHE is so cute and talented! Way to GO
    MoMo !! Go Get Em’